Tips on How to Outline a Book Essay

Writing a book essay outline is the first step in coming up with your unique masterpiece. The outline of a book and an essay are closely similar, with the difference in the number of words used. A book review essay structure consists of an introduction, body paragraph, and a conclusion identical to a book outline that needs a beginning, the middle section and an ending.  For a book outline, the middle section is longer than the book essay. A book essay outline has a structure that will make your work easier to understand, as covered in the following section.

  1. Synopsis/thesis

The thesis statement for a narrative essay about a book needs to be robust. Your aim should be to shed light on what is expected in the essay when the reader decides to read further through the essay. The message communicated by the thesis statements should be clear. While writing your note, ensure that you can argue the points well in favor of the thesis statement.  The thesis section, like a synopsis, will help you provide a quick summary of what you will cover in your essay.

  1. First paragraph/chapter

The opening paragraph of your essay is a critical section in your essay and writing process. It is the section meant to hook the reader to your essay and make them develop an opinion of your work that will assure them that the thesis is correct. With the appropriate convincing in the first paragraph, your essay readers will be interested in reading the essay till the end.  The topic sentence in the first paragraph should be your strongest point as you introduce your reader to your thoughts.

  1. The body/middle

The body section in a book essay outline adds more points to the compelling first paragraph you will have written.  Always keep your body section strong as you wish to be the top student in the class. The body reveals how much research and understanding you obtained from different resources. The facts that prove your thesis are to be written in the body section. It means that your outline should provide a flow and structure built from ideas and facts you wrote down. Your thoughts need to be arranged logically as you expand on your thesis.

  1. The conclusion

The conclusion section sums up all stated facts within your essay. You need to remind your reader of the essential points within the essay. Providing the summary of your discussions can end with suspense for the reader. With the right hook, consistency, and correct writing style, you will make the reader understand your choice.

  1. Call to action

It is a section in the outline that provides information on what your readers should pick from your essay. It makes a point of view to be understood that your readers can test the theory you have expounded on by themselves.


With the proper essay structure, you will have an easy time drafting an outline for your narrative essay on a book. The important thing about creating an outline is having a logical flow of your points. Take time to draft your outline to make your writing easier and worth your time. For each sentence at the end of a paragraph, reflect on the opening statement of the following paragraph to write your essay well.

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