Guide To Writing a Persuasive Essay on Books

Writing persuasive essays on books can be challenging if you dislike reading a lot of stories and poems. In high school or college, your teacher or instructor is likely to provide you with materials that must be reviewed and evaluated before requiring you to write essays about books. There are ways of reading through persuasive essays books and writing award-winning essays about books. Crafting persuasive essays is made easier with this service Their writers can guide you in formulating strong arguments and using persuasive techniques to make your point effectively. Here are some practical ways of writing a persuasive essay on interesting literature you have read and have a duty to convince your audience to read the book.

  1. Creating a robust thesis statement that is specific

 Your thesis statement will be built on the arguments you intend to present in your persuasive essay. Have texts and illustrations from interesting stories that support your position in your essay and are back-up for your line of argument.

  1. Organizing your thought

All essays require a logical and systematic flow of key points.  Brainstorm different approaches to defend your thesis statement and note them when developing an outline for your essay.  The structure of your essay should be clear enough to make it easy to present your points flawlessly when you sit to write your essay. Remember to include the introduction, main body section and conclusion as these are the three main essential parts of any essay.

  1. Writing an introduction

The introduction of your essay should grab the reader’s attention. You could use an anecdote, a memorable quote, or a question to keep it interesting to the reader.  In the introduction section, give background information about the book you are writing about. Such information can consist of the title and the author.  The thesis statement presented in the introduction should clearly bring out your objective and outline your arguments in the essay.

  1. Writing body paragraphs

The body section of your essay should contain your arguments to support the thesis.  Allocate each argument to a specific paragraph.  The topic sentences should come first in every paragraph. You could use examples from the text you read to justify the claims you present in your essay. Have a concluding sentence at the end of each paragraph in the body section. Such a smooth transition from one paragraph to another makes your essay cohesive and of good quality.

  1. Writing a conclusion

The conclusion section is meant to make an impression in the mind of the reader. Restating the thesis and presenting the supporting points in summary form will make your readers understand your position based on the arguments of your body paragraphs. Provide a recommendation for your stand about the thesis.

  1. Revising and editing the essay

When writing about books in essays, you need to review your work to submit the best paper.  Revising will help you in modifying or improving your thoughts and ideas. You can reorganize your ideas, improve your writing style and clarity as well. You can easily correct grammar and spelling mistakes when you revise your work well.


With writing a persuasive essay comes the challenge of persuading other people to read the book. There are many literary persuasive techniques such as storytelling, repetition, figurative language and appeal to emotions that you can use to influence reading. With these tips, you can write persuasive essays about impressive books and make your readers interested in reading more.