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Reading an actual book is thought to be an uncommon trend with most people embracing digitization. They have televisions and video streaming applications supported by the Internet.  However, books are still popular and cheaper than having to pay to watch a film in a cinema. Books can be kept forever, making them remain popular among individuals who embrace hard copies. It is possible to write essays of your favorite book to influence other people into reading books and making them popular. I should create my favorite book essay sample to help you learn the facts.

Favorite book

Everyone will always ask, “How do I write essay on my favorite book?” You need a deep understanding of the background of the book, the author and what the book talks about. One of the international bestseller books titled “A time to live and a time to die” by Erich Maria Remarque forms part of an essay on my favorite book. Out of all the essays written, my favorite book essay is about the story within Remarque’s book.

The author, Erich Maria Remarque, was a German novelist educated at the University of Munster. He wrote his first novel during World War I when he served in the German army. The book “A time to live and a time to die” revolves around a soldier called Ernst Greaber, whose military service was at the Russian front. During a short-term holiday at home, he became aware of the disappointment and suffering caused by the war that the native town had been a victim of. His parents, friends and relatives had vanished with only ruins left from the bombing. Trying to locate his family, he meets Elizabeth, a one-time youth friend he eventually marries. Unfortunately, he has leave his native town urgently to return to the Russian front. On arrival to Russia, he found himself in the middle of a conflict. Ernst perishes despite being offered an opportunity of a lift to save him from the war, which he declined.

Understanding more on the sample essay on my favorite book

Ernst Greaber is the main character representing a person who is just, loyal and sensitive. The war at the Russian front is not as much degrading as the effects and the demeaning nature of his native town due to the war. He is greatly affected by the situation back home than the Russian war. He perceives himself as the source of horror, but he cannot find a solution to the devastating war outcome in his native town.  On the other hand, Elizabeth is beautiful but worried and fearful about the war.

We realize that Remarque intentions seem to be inclined toward portraying the conflict existing between humanity and extreme idealism with sensible feelings about both phenomena. The heroic fighter who is the main character in the story is presented as a man with feelings and humane. The Germans are shown as the victim of the war, and Remarque sheds light on controversies emerging from the arguments about national socialism. Such literature on war gives an objective scenery and raises questions about what to think of.

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